Can Philippine tourism and travel industry bloom with 7,107 travel sites?

I firmly believe that Philippine tourism will flourish and thrive further with an army of passionate, enthusiastic web entrepreneurs publishing inside information about their home towns, sharing their favorite local destinations, letting visitors in on their own unexplored paradise, revealing hitherto unknown secret adventures that have long tail appeal, and or delightfully surprising visitors with tales, sights and sounds, tastes, and life in these islands through their own high-earning websites.


Vigan attractions

Vigan offers exciting business opportunities for the passionate and enthusiastic web entrepreneur (photos by Bernadette Willes).

Do you see yourself in such a role? Would you like to build a business using the internet? Do you love travelling? Do you dream of having your own travel business? Would you like to try your hand at travel writing? Are you a closet tourist guide? Are you in the tourist business? Do you produce exquisite folk arts, crafts, or simply great fashion finds? If so, then you should enroll in the Lakbay Web Biz Workshop.

You can make a living with what you love as have more than 40,000 web owners worldwide.

You can turn any passion, hobby, skill, area of expertise...whatever excites you or makes you happy...into a web business in your spare time if you wish!

Any topic can make money through the web...but Philippine travel is hot right now.

In the period of January to September 2009 alone, the Philippine government recorded 5.2 million tourists visiting the country, according to DOT's website. This growth is attributed to the aggressive marketing efforts of the Department of Tourism as well as the development of tourist facilities and infrastructures by both government and private sector, reports EuroMonitor International. Both sectors are expected to further intensify their efforts to promote Philippine tourism to achieve 20% target growth rate.

With such aggressive push, demand for content also increases. The savvy web entrepreneur who's able to deliver and satisfy that demand will be reaping the benefits. Which is why people like you are needed.

More travelers rely on the net for in-depth, pertinent information to plan their trip. You, who have inside intimate knowledge and first-hand experience about a particular destination will prevail over impersonal travel sites put out by big travel companies. Who knows you are just the person they are looking for to help them plan for that most memorable trip? Who knows that the destination they've been dreaming is found in the Philippines courtesy of your content-rich website?

What else is hot about Philippine tourism and travel?

Euromonitor further reveals that the Philippine government plans to spend more than Php35 billion in the next five to six years to improve roads and airports, while the private sector is aggressively putting up hotels, more tourist attractions and establishing more connectivity to tourist destinations. While major destinations include Cebu, Bohol, Camiguin, Palawan, Manila, Tagaytay and Davao, several other special interest destinations are being groomed in other areas of the country.


Special interest destinations - infinite business ideas for the savvy web entrepreneur

Those fresh, relatively unknown and emerging Philippine travel destinations are inviting the production of personal and compelling content. Who's the best person to offer that?




I firmly believe that the savvy web entrepreneur who's able to meet the demand for quality information - content - will reap the rewards. Why not beat the big boys to the front and be the first to offer the information they are looking for, then earn from it? Indeed, why not introduce these special interest destinations yourself?

Enroll in Lakbay Web Biz Workshop and start building your own travel- and tourism-related web business. Be the guy who broke the secret destination to the world with your own content-rich travel site. Get your piece of the 35 billion peso industry pie.

Lakbay Web Biz Workshop

Is 7,107 travel sites a wild dream? That's over 7,000 ideas for a web travel business start up.


The 10-day Lakbay Web Biz Workshop is the same Web Business Building Workshop but with special focus and emphasis on building travel and tourism related web enterprises. Find out how you, too, can enrich the net and, more importantly, contribute to the development of Philippine tourism and travel by building your own income-generating travel site. Enroll in Lakbay Web Biz Workshop now. A savings of Php2,000 and fabulous surprises await early bird registrants.




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