My Secret Philippine Destination Travel Writing Competition

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My Secret Philippine Destination is a travel writing competition like no other.


Win web business and hosting packages, gift certificates, vacation packages and many more by simply writing about your favorite and special interest destinations.

Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities available.

Rotary Club of Rizal Southwest partners with TripleW Media Services in My Secret Philippine Destination Travel Writing Competition.


Next year, 2011, is the 150th birth anniversary of the most incredibly gifted Filipino, Jose Rizal, national hero of the Philippines. To honor the inspiration of this site, TripleW Media Services, publisher, is launching this competition. The objectives are:

Travel Business

1. To uncover unexplored travel and special interest destinations in the Philippines;

2. To promote these fresh, relatively unknown and emerging Philippine travel special interests destinations on the internet; and,

3. To encourage the development of a network of passionate, enthusiastic web entrepreneurs publishing inside information about their home towns, sharing favorite local destinations, tales, sights and sounds, tastes, and life as a whole in the Philippines.

For further appreciation of the objectives of this competition, please read this short article on Philippine travel and tourism.

Competition Rules, Terms, Conditions

Rule 1: Open to anyone 16 years old and above and citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. Employees and immediate families of TripleW Media Services and of sponsoring organizations and individuals are disqualified to join the competition;

Rule 2: Up to three (3) entry submissions per contestant will be allowed;

Rule 3: Entries must be 500-1000 words in length and must be written in English;

Rule 4: Entries must be original, have not been published, submitted, distributed or circulated around the internet through e-mail, newsletters, article banks, social networking sites, free content sites, directories and other websites. Participants, by submitting their entries in prescribed manner, warrant that their entries meet and satisfy competition rules. TripleW Media Services shall receive them in good faith as original works of the author (contestant-participant) and hold owners and authors of entries responsible for maintaining the intellectual property and copyrights and the integrity of the competition;

Rule 5: Only entries submitted in prescribed manner will be considered.


Rules 6: TripleW Media Services reserves the right to amend, introduce changes and/or cancel this competition anytime if such action is required, necessary and/or warranted.

Competition Period

Rule 7: There are two (2) levels in the competition: regional and national.

Rule 8: The regional competition will end on April 30, 2011. Grand winners at the national level will be announced on June 19, 2011. A set of finalists will be announced throughout the period of the competition.

Winning Entries

Winning entries must satisfy and meet the objectives of the competition as well as the rules, terms, conditions and the guidelines as set and written on this page. Whenever necessary, some amendments may be introduced to make this competition a truly enriching and rewarding experience for everyone concerned.


Entries that meet or satisfy the following will have a greater chance of acceptance for the competition:

  • The entry must be about a particular place in the Philippines - an area, town, province, a street, a resort, hotel, island, house, ancestral home, beach, mountain, etc.

  • The entry can also be about special interests in these destinations. Examples:

  • 1. Destination - Pan de Azucar Island; Special Interest - Digging for Pink Mud Crabs in Pan de Azucar Island.

    2. Destination - J Farm, Dumanggas; Special Interest - Grilled Bangus Midnight Fiesta in J Farm, Dumanggas.

    3. Destination - 19th Centurey Millionaires' Row, Jaro, Iloilo; Special Interest - 19th Century Dining in Millionares Row, Jaro, Iloilo city.

    4. Destination - San Joaquin, Iloilo; Special Interest - Swimming with Sharks in San Joaquin, Iloilo.


    Your entries must be stamped with your unique voice conveying your passion and enthusiasm over your favorite travel or special interests destination. It should reveal your intimate knowledge, the unique proposition and the promise of special travel experience being proposed, promoted, offered, presented.


    Feedbacks are welcome and queries concerning anything related to this contest will be entertained. Kindly use this form if you wish to communicate with or bring them to Jose Rizal Travels' attention. Or, follow our caravan promoting the competition in all SM Malls nationwide.


    How to Submit Your Entries

    Please go to this page to send your entries to My Secret Philippine Destination Travel Writing Competition.

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    My Secret Philippine Destination Travel Writing Competition


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