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Jose Rizal Travels presents practical tips, guide and information about the Philippines. I have years of meeting, working and doing business with visitors of varied nationalities who traveled to the Philippines for a host of reasons, mainly business and leisure.


These are pretty basic stuff but they often have, I found out, become interesting conversation pieces.

Visiting the Philippines for the first time?

The most practical tip and advice I can give you when travelling to the Philippines for the first time is: get a professional travel guide. A seasoned and expert guide let's you enjoy your visit to the Philippines right away (if you aren't visiting with Filipino friends.)


He or she saves you from wasting time (time you'd rather spend cruising the islands) on trivial pursuits such as where to to dine, which spa is best, not to mention the frustrations from finding that certain things do not go the way you are accustomed to in your country of birth or origin. Filipinos' legendary patient character makes them excellent travel guides.


Filipino smile: In addition to what your friends must have already told you about the Philippines, you will note that we really are a smiling lot.


Filipino smile

Filipinos smile for a variety of reasons -- shyness, acting coy, embarrassment, happines, joy, annoyance, expressing NO, humor. And, despite the poverty that afflicts us, we are by nature easygoing and high-spirited. Our resiliency and ability to endure tragedies - man-made or forced by nature - is remarkable and is often the subject of scientific inquiries, cultural and parliamentary studies, humor and what-have-you.


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