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About this site:

Jose Rizal Travels is a site inspired by a towering figure in the nationhood of the Philippines.


Patriot, humanist, linguist, poet, essayist, novelist, sculptor, physician, engineer, sportsman, educator, national hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal's life, works and writings are well documented, his impact thoroughly studied, dissected and analyzed. However, it is his travels that I am quite fascinated with.

Jose Rizal studied and lived 
 in Europe.

Interested in themed travels?

Are you one of those taking pleasure and keen interest in independent and themed travels? The number of people drawn to visiting locations and places with far more than plain sightseeing in mind are increasing. If you belong to this set, then this site is for you.


Few figures in Asian history have similar appeal as Jose Rizal in terms of impact in the life of a nation. Hence, his travels also left a deep and lasting impression. So, if you like a bit of history-spiked holidays, adventures and touring, count this site as a source of interesting suggestions.

Follow me or my friends as we visit the places that are associated with him. Have fun and pleasure in places he had visited - Singapore, Sri Lanka, Italy, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Japan, Hongkong and USA.


Would you be intrigued why he was exiled in Dapitan (considered by historians as one of the most productive period of his life)? Would you like to find out what has left of the old little district of Molo, Iloilo which he briefly visited in July 1892? Have you been to historic Intramuros?


So we want to go and see these places with some attitude - a bit like Rizal's, perhaps. We have a treasure trove of materials and information (we have history to spice up our trips!) about him as we will try rediscover these places. His books, notably Noli Mi Tangere and El Filibusterismo, offer a wealth of ideas and themes. So are the people and events that have happened in his time. They will be our travel guide. It would be truly exciting to share the sights and sounds, the rediscovery and the travel experience with you.

Jose Rizal travel community

This site will also take surprises as they come. I'd be delighted to make detours to exciting locales, settings, countries, cities in and around the aforementioned places and share them with you.


The world is indeed getting smaller with the internet. Today we communicate to and with anyone in real time. Had he lived today, Rizal, I am sure, would be connecting to almost anyone using the web to voice his opinion concerning matters most important to him. And that's what I intend to do as well, although I must say, I'll leave the patriotic stuff to him. I have set up a page to connect to this community.

Favorite place, personal stories

Have stories to tell about him? Stories involving his life, works, writings, and his impact? We would love to hear them!

Do you have a story to tell about places associated with Rizal you've visited? Would you like share your holiday and vacation memories to these places? Please use this page and tell us about it.

Plan your trip

So, if you are planning to travel to the Philippines, we humbly offer this site as your first resource to plan that trip. Know the nation shaped by the greatest Malayan son.


Are you a returning Filipino? Are you an Overseas Filipino Worker trying to rediscover your roots? Then this site is also your first resource. Allow me and the rest of the jose-rizal- community to offer you some tips, recommendations, suggestions and, may be, some advice. At this point, I must tell you how heartening it is to meet returning Filipinos who are pursuing the same objective. Indeed, there is no place like home.


Personal invitation

Fly to the Philippines now. Keep visiting this site and watch for exciting themed travel and tour ideas particularly to places associated with an extraordinary and truly gifted Filipino.


Marie de la Rama
Manila, Philippines

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